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The Important Part


Give this game a short title. Your game will be searchable on the site with this title.


The game works best when the answers are a single word as it allows the players a chance to succeed. Think about phrasing your question so it leads accordingly. Good questions may be "Name a book written by ...", or "Name an important keyword about ...". Poor questions are generally those that are too open-ended.

Only Testing

Yes, this game is a test to see how everything all works. This game will not appear in the search results.



The game can either choose random values for each answer with the total scores adding up to a particular “total value” you define below (the individual scores will change on each game play however), or, you can set your own score for each answer and it will remain constant each time you play.

You have chosen random scores. Select the total value that the answers must add up to. Use 200 for “Double Money” and 300 for “Big Money”

Answer Rules

  • You must have between 3 and 10 answers up to 21 characters (including spaces) in length.
  • Answers in the game are not case sensitive. So, the typed answer, "woRd" will reveal the word "Word".
  • Synonyms allow you to define extra words that if typed will display the answer. You can enter a maximum of 5 synonyms per answer, and it's recommended you set at least one synonym for each word.
  • Try to keep your word length to 13 characters. Longer answers will be reduced in size slightly to fit.
Game Options
How many “lives” should the game use? The game will currently still be usable even when all the lives are used, and if an incorrect answer is typed in, the “wrong sound” will still play.

Congratulations You finally made it! Check everything above is correct as you cannot change your answers after you've saved the game, and then click the save button.