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What is Family Fortunes?

Family fortunes is an iconic television quiz-show shown all across the UK based upon the American “Family Feud” show and the premise is simple, an open-ended question is asked by the presenter and “families” of contestants try to guess the top answers that were given in a “survey of one hundred people”.

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The Teaching Resource

As a teacher myself, I've created an interactive online Family Fortunes resource for vocab work which I use in class and my pupils love! You simply create your own set of answers, provide any synonyms you want each word to have, answer a few questions about how the game is to be set up, et voila! It only takes a few minutes! Plus, your game will be available on its own unique URL which you can visit to play the game any time or even search for it later if you forget the URL.

Non-English characters are now supported, so language teachers can use it for their lessons. Most western European languages are supported now along with gaelic, gaeilge (Irish Gaelic) - and, I believe - Hebrew.

Sound plays a big role in the game and is part of the fun. The famous Family Fortunes "wrong" sound is often used on phones as an ringtone alert, so your pupils will probably recognise it. Be prepared for them to mimic the sound and to really get into the game! Family Fortunes is a bit of a 'camp' game which can lead to some fun answers so put on your best hammy drama hat and get presenting! Have some fun with the game as a whole and of course, if you keep score across the weeks, you can also work into it whatever you want: extra points for good behaviour, enforcement of classroom rules, being a good sport etc.